Brand new design for

End of 2010, I finally found time to work on a brand new design for The new concept transformed into a easy and efficient online tool to access this massive resource of information on hiv and aids.

I simplified the menu by moving the 18 categories into 4 mains groups and then use a slidedown menu to show those categories and their content. By directing the user and reduce the options I transformed what used to be overwhelming experience into a simple and efficient way to browse avert’s content.

I also moved the menu to the top to create a straight forward reading of the website (top to bottom) and at the same time give more room to the content. The menu let the user access everything from everywhere in just a few hovering of the mouse. The menu also stick to the top of the page when scrolling so you can still browse through the categories without having to scroll back up, and on avert’s website where page can be very very very long, it’s a time saving when using the site.

And of course the design is now cleaner, slicker and up-to-date, while being lighter and faster to load. And I am currently finishing the mobile version of the site as the access through mobile devices when up more the 300% this year.


Role: Art direction, Lead designer, UX

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