Blow Water Lilies

Blow water lilies by blowing on your microphone ( old trick I know ).

WaterLilies now works online.

Download the Full Screen version:
mac osx | windowslinux

This my second try on processing, I was trying to understand class. The applet get slower after a moment but I already spend too much time on it, so I stopped there. A Class is like a object. A object have properties and/or behaviours. Like a glass for example. In processing you can create a model object ( class ), that you will use to create multiple independent objects based on the original model. I’m new to the subject so it’s best to read about object-oriented programmation here.

My example is using the ESS library from Krister Olsson. And I help myself with Stanley Douglas‘ on-line course ( French ).

Took me a while to find out how to sign a applet so it could work online. Here is a longer explanation of the one from Krister Olsson.

More Work for R&D