W.A.D, AVERT’s AIDS Challenge on Facebook

World AIDS is coming! As part of AVERT’s fundraising and awareness campaign, Karl Rixon and I created a game that people can play on facebook or Avert’s website. Avert’s fundraising team are now spreading the word to celebrities with the help of a PR company.

The brief was to create something that would make AVERT’s known to a larger public, make it easy for celebrities and people to show their support and have something fun and educational. We came up with this fun and colourful quiz/game that can be played on facebook. The idea was to create conversion and interaction through social networks and make it easy for people to show support.

Karl, Avert’s web developer, was in charge of dealing with facebook’s api and the front-end coding, while I designed all visuals and create the html/css. We used jQuery for all animations and we’re quite proud of the final result. The all project took 2 weeks from initial idea to launch on facebook.

Facebook users are able to share their score with their friends, post results on their wall and invite them to play the Challenge.

Play the AVERT AIDS Challenge on Facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/aids-challenge/

Greg Healey Interactive Postcard

Greg Healey raised £8,550 for AVERT by Climbing the Everest! To promote this unique fundraising event. While working for Avert, I created an interactive postcard that people could add to their blog or website.

We knew that Greg would be tweeting while climbing (crasy!) and also be linked to google map to show he’s position and altitude.

The Postcard idea came from sending messages to your family or friends while on holiday to update them on what you’re doing. The postcard is then generally sticked to your fridge as a souvenir or trophy. Here the messages are the tweets and altitude and the fridge is your website. Greg loved the idea.

The interactive postcard updates every hours and displays Greg’s latest tweet with the time, altitude and day of when that tweet was made. A little red ribbon represents him on the mountains and the sky rotates according to the time of day. Having the sky rotating and changing from bright sunshine to nights filled with stars or sunsets and sunshines made it different and interesting every time you look at it.

The Postcard was created with Flash, designed in Photoshop and used php to collect the feeds from twitter for Flash to display. The whole project took a week and a half.

New Fundraising Identity

With a brand new design for avert.org comes a new identity for the fundraising material. AVERT now has a new Community Fundraising Pack to help new fundraisers with some ideas, tips and practical solutions. A new Booklet for corporate that present AVERT’s work, website and finance. And finally a flyer/leaflet to help spread the word during events and accompany thank you letters.

Get Avert’s fundraising material at avert.org/fundraising-for-aids.htm and avert.org/aids-hiv-charity-avert.htm

Role: Art direction, Lead designer

Brand new design for AVERT.org

End of 2010, I finally found time to work on a brand new design for AVERT.org. The new concept transformed AVERT.org into a easy and efficient online tool to access this massive resource of information on hiv and aids.

I simplified the menu by moving the 18 categories into 4 mains groups and then use a slidedown menu to show those categories and their content. By directing the user and reduce the options I transformed what used to be overwhelming experience into a simple and efficient way to browse avert’s content.

I also moved the menu to the top to create a straight forward reading of the website (top to bottom) and at the same time give more room to the content. The menu let the user access everything from everywhere in just a few hovering of the mouse. The menu also stick to the top of the page when scrolling so you can still browse through the categories without having to scroll back up, and on avert’s website where page can be very very very long, it’s a time saving when using the site.

And of course the design is now cleaner, slicker and up-to-date, while being lighter and faster to load. And I am currently finishing the mobile version of the site as the access through mobile devices when up more the 300% this year.

Visit avert.org

Role: Art direction, Lead designer, UX

World Cup – The other South Africa

A video created for AVERT, the HIV & AIDS charity. The video has been shot at the Brighton City College, who kindly let us use their green screen, studio and camera. This is my first time working on green screen, as well as mixing video and animation with 3D.

AVERT always wants to feature lots of texts and stats, it’s always a interesting challenge.

The music is a mix between African and Brazilian percussions, everything has been done from scratch on my laptop. The rhythm follow the one from the video. I wanted something exciting, involving, positive and upbeat that could make a big contrast with the darker, more serious moment of the cold statistics.

A brilliant work from Berty on the photoshop actions for the final touch and a massive thanks to Billy Barrington for making this happen.

Director, music, animation, filming and video concept: Thomas Michalak. Stage and Characters lighting, photoshop, photography: Bertram Greenhough. Script, finding Footballers, running around and being amazing: Gemma Spink and Hellen Keeble from AVERT. Footballers (in order of apparition): Laetitia Perrot, Nic Ledger, Nathan Bowen