World Aids Day – Universal Access

I work as a designer for AVERT ( international AIDS charity ), I made this video for this year World AIDS Day. This year theme is Universal Access. Script by AVERT’s content writers. Photoshop assistant : Bertram Greenhough

The backing track is the new single “Going all the way”, by SDIA. Soon we’ll have a link to iTunes where you can download the song. During December, proceeds go to AVERT’s valuable overseas work! See where our projects are making a difference supporting people living with HIV and AIDS.

This is my second video using After Effects, I am also in charge of the website’s design. For more information about this year theme, visit avert’s world aids day page:

AIDS Challenge Game

I created this video for AVERT  to promote AVERT’s online AIDS challenge game, which I created using processing.

The animation was also mainly created with processing, using the OPENGL and physics library. Then their was some “montage” in After Effects to put all those animations together. The sound was put together using Live.

The AVERT AIDS Challenge is a educational puzzle-quiz type game where you are a red smooth snake. You have to collect letters in the right order to answer some AIDS question while escaping baddies. You can collect bonuses to make yourself invisible, freeze  the baddies, multiply your points and few more. While going through the levels, there will be more baddies that will get more aggressive, the questions will get more specific and the snake longer. The controls are simple, the snake follows your mouse. No clicks, no keyboard and a cool smooth movement.

You can play this game on AVERT’s website in the game section. Even if I wish I could have had more time to develop this game, it’s still a pretty good game for a game coded and designed by one person. The game was entirely created using processing with the traer.physicsminim library and a home-made collision function ( + a bit of maths’ magic ) from Rob Noble. All graphics were designed in Illustrator and Photoshop and the music in Ableton Live.

The game uses a back-end interface so AVERT can change the questions/answers and in-game phrases. This interface displays Stats and Hi-scores table. All php, database and interface was done by Karl Rixon.


Stop aids in children

I made this video for AVERT as part of the Stop AIDS in Children campaign. I used After Effects, Photoshop and illustrator. It’s my first try with after effects and I only had a week to produce it, using only pictures. That was a nice challenge.

I’v been working as a designer/web designer for AVERT for more than a year and a half now. I am in charge of all the design/code of the website, plus all the printing side of AVERT ( T-shirts, adverts, etc…). In a few words, it’s more than 260 pages, a average of 155 000 visits every weeks (64 500 just on World AIDS day ) and one of the most popular aids website.