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The actions/behaviours of the public are as important as the action of the interactive piece. The combination of the both (piece/public) makes sense and art.

Toujours etre sur que les actions/comportements du public soit interressant en combinaison avec les actions/comportements de l’object interactif.



Small Eniarof at the “maison Folie Wazemmes” in Lille, France. CUICUI will be performing it’s pumping show and I will be playing with a special guest, Anna Chocola. Small Eniarof but big installations with Hyperolympic, Eggregor8, Brouette tuning, RR and a suprise!


Cuicui will be performing for Monsieur Moo at ART-O-RAMA, Marseille, la friche on the 10 of September at 21h30. Monsieur Moo will re-create a hotel room where Cuicui will be playing it’s gorilla-core sound on a “Gateau-Blaster” (Cake Ghetto-Blaster). Part of Monsieur Moo’s work is to do customization of everyday life objects or tools in super loud Ghetto-Blaster (wheelbarrow, fridge, etc…).

Move Festival – ExpoCoruna

13th to  16th of November 2008
The Sonic Body will be presented at the Move Festival ( ExpoCoruna ), in A Coruna ( Spain ) from the 13th to the 16th of November 2008.