Arduino & remote plugs

While working on a project to link social networks to the “real world”, I bought some remote plugs from Maplin so I didn’t have to mess around with relay and outlet. I was going to hack the remote but then found this article.

Using a 434mhz transmitter from sparkfun, this code let you control the plugs using the Arduino. It’s amazingly easy to implement and a lot neater than hacking the remote. It’s also quite rare to find people who worked with products from Maplin. This system can potentially let you control up to 16 plugs




The actions/behaviours of the public are as important as the action of the interactive piece. The combination of the both (piece/public) makes sense and art.

Toujours etre sur que les actions/comportements du public soit interressant en combinaison avec les actions/comportements de l’object interactif.



Small Eniarof at the “maison Folie Wazemmes” in Lille, France. CUICUI will be performing it’s pumping show and I will be playing with a special guest, Anna Chocola. Small Eniarof but big installations with Hyperolympic, Eggregor8, Brouette tuning, RR and a suprise!


Cuicui will be performing for Monsieur Moo at ART-O-RAMA, Marseille, la friche on the 10 of September at 21h30. Monsieur Moo will re-create a hotel room where Cuicui will be playing it’s gorilla-core sound on a “Gateau-Blaster” (Cake Ghetto-Blaster). Part of Monsieur Moo’s work is to do customization of everyday life objects or tools in super loud Ghetto-Blaster (wheelbarrow, fridge, etc…).

Move Festival – ExpoCoruna

13th to  16th of November 2008
The Sonic Body will be presented at the Move Festival ( ExpoCoruna ), in A Coruna ( Spain ) from the 13th to the 16th of November 2008.