Dissipation 3 ( 97.2FM )

Dissipation is a monthly show on Brighton’s Radio Reverb 97.2 FM. The show is diffused every Monday at midnight and is presented by Grant Newman. La Perce will be diffused in this month show, Dissipation 3 ( June ). If you can’t get Radio Reverb signal, Grant put the show on myspace at myspace.com/dissipationradio. This version of La Perce was specially made for the show. I always struggle to found what kind of sound to use in this net.art piece, because the process is more important than the original content. But this time I made explicit the implicit parallel with Alvin Lucier‘s piece, “I am sitting in a room”.

La perce was first made in my Art school days. The reference to¬† Alvin Lucier’s piece made mine even more explicit. I love the fact that people can see a link because the purpose of this piece was to define the internet as a space. To accept the distance as a space. It was also based on how the computer have to re-construct and re-create a sound that have lost pieces and degrade itself during the streaming process. Alvin Lucier gives us the sound of room, I give you the sound of the web.