Floating heptagone

After working on a project that involved black text floating like a flag, I wanted to explore a bit more the Cloth simulation in Cinema4d. This is a video that was first just a still render, I use that still as a profile picture. I really wanted to make a really abstract video focusing on just the floating fabric.

There’s quite some good deep bass in the sound design (thanks to the minitaur), so if you can use headphones or proper speakers, that’s better.

Mighty Mess Teaser

A quick 30s project done in few week-ends to present my new website. This video represent the concept of Mighty Mess, different textures, lights, materials making analogy to diverse works in various media. All this wrapped into mystery to create the need to discover more.

The whole video was created in cinema4d with some post production in After Effects for the lens flairs and titles. Sound design was produced in Ableton live.

Light Dusts

OpenGL blending, textures and lights study with Processing.download the desktop version (including source code): macosx | windows | linux

instruction: Move around with the mouse, press Space Bar to repulse particles.


I am currently working on a game for an International HIV and AIDS Charity. For that, I did some test on attraction/repulsion with Traer’s physics library ( brilliant lib ), and obviously got carried away playing with lights and physics. The game is not going to be like that as it has to run online and on the largest panel of computers.

Downloadable version: macosx | windows | linux

Blow Water Lilies

Blow water lilies by blowing on your microphone ( old trick I know ).

WaterLilies now works online.

Download the Full Screen version:
mac osx | windowslinux

This my second try on processing, I was trying to understand class. The applet get slower after a moment but I already spend too much time on it, so I stopped there. A Class is like a object. A object have properties and/or behaviours. Like a glass for example. In processing you can create a model object ( class ), that you will use to create multiple independent objects based on the original model. I’m new to the subject so it’s best to read about object-oriented programmation here.

My example is using the ESS library from Krister Olsson. And I help myself with Stanley Douglas‘ on-line course ( French ).

Took me a while to find out how to sign a applet so it could work online. Here is a longer explanation of the one from Krister Olsson.

Fuck DanCe Let’S ARt generator

This is the graphic generator I made to create my header. It’s a simple director application that draw with graphics elements. I also adapted it as a screensaver ( thanks to DirSaver ).

Download the PC app or PC Screensaver