Sonic Body Website

Brand new design and html5 rework of the Sonic Body website. It’s all been simplified, enlarged and made it easier for visitors to get infos about the installation and download the “requirements pack” to present the Sonic Body in the exhibitions, festivals or fairs.

The Main header was created in Cinema 4D. I used Clothilde, the cloth engine, and was inspired by this cushion technique by Rob Redman to give some realism to the textile sculptures. The whole website was conceptualized, design and coded  in a bit more than 19 hours spread over a few weeks.

I also used the new media query which people refers to as responsive design. It’s great,  very useful on simple designs and easy to use as it only relies on css, which is what web designer knows. It’s like an upgrade to fluid design. But managing different devices with php might be still more powerful as it doesn’t rely on screen resolution. For example giving lighter images for mobile users who often use their mobile on 3G. Soon smartphones will have the same or an higher resolution as netbooks or or older laptops and you won’t be able to rely on media query to categorize devices.


Move Digital Art Fair – Sonic Body

The Sonic Body was presented at the Move Digital Art Fair in La Coruna ( Spain ). It’s was a really good exhibition and the Sonic Body had a great success. We met some great Artists and saw some good Art work, like Arabesque installation by Peter William Holden. Arduino was used quite a lot in all installations.

Blank Gallery

The Sonic Body was first presented at the Blank Gallery, Brighton, 1 – 8 November 2007, and was part of the Brighton Digital Festival 2007. We spend 2 months working on the Sonic Body, from concept to production. The Blank Gallery was our studio and Exhibition space.

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