OTERP in Shibuya by Ato

Make music with a disc of 510 067 420 kmĀ² = the Earth

Ato, a.k.a Antonin Fourneau, created OTERP and presented it at the Digital Art Festival, 6-11 dec in Tokyo at Shibuya Tokyo Wonder Site.

OTERP is a psp game using a magnetic compass. The game plays/mix differents music loops and sounds depending on your latitude and longitude. Ato made a few side-projects ( cardinal turntable ) related to this main concept of mobility, music and spatial interface.

Ato ask a few sound artists ( including me ) to created or let some loops and sounds. The project is at its first version but is already giving a great experience.

it’s my sounds on the video

More information, picts and video at http://atonews.blogspot.com/

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